Why do Search Ads work for all phases of the Customer Journey?

Search ads work for all phases of the customer journey, which can be shown in the see, think, do model by way of illustration above. “See” is the largest way to frame your audience. To give you an idea, if you are running a clothing company, it accounts for all of those who wear clothes. “Think” is a subset of the “see” audience. Going with the clothing company example, the “think” audience is all those who wear clothes and think they might need some. “Do” is a subset of the “think” audience, and the it’s the most desirable audience to have. The “do” audience includes all those who wear clothes, are thinking they may need some, and are currently looking to buy them. (https://www.kaushik.net/avinash/see-think-do-content-marketing-measurement-business-framework/) So where do search ads come in? Search ads are online advertisements placed on web pages that show results from the search engine. Search ads are a great way to target any of the think, see, do audience, because they all use your product already. (https://clearcode.cc/blog/what-is-search-advertising/) For example, they all already wear clothes, so if they see your clothing store ad they may click on it. The further down the model you go, the more likely they are to click. Since the “do” audience is currently looking for clothes, they are most likely to click your ad. As a clothing company, you should place your ad on pages of those who search for clothes, or more specific things like shirts, blouse, and socks. You can choose keywords that will make your ad show up on someones search results page. The consumer will see the ad and hopefully click on it. Even if they don’t buy anything, it’s good to get them to at least click on the ad and go to your website. Overall, search ads are a good way to target the see, think, do audiences.

Published by ncharlton2

I am a senior at University of South Florida studying Integrated Advertising and PR.

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